Monday, February 20, 2017

Tynehead RV Camp - Week Two

An update. 

We are slowly getting adjusted to life in the big city and all the things associated with that.

The snow is gone and at the moment, the sun is shining.  Here is a look at the snow leaving.  Same view out our back window over a little more than a week.

We try to have a day of nothing every other day and visit my Dad in the hospital on the alternate days.  (He will be in hospital quite a bit longer.  He has no strength and they will not send him home until he recovers some.)

Yesterday we spent the day visiting.  First we visited our friends Jack and Bianca at their beautiful home in North Vancouver.  We had a lot of catching up to do.  They are "some-timers" who we first met in our park several years ago.  They visited us in Yuma winter 2015.

After a quick dinner, we visited with son Jason and his wife Michelle and our granddaughter Sophie.  Such a good time.

Jason has recently lost a lot of weight and looks fabulous!  Our family is shrinking, literally.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great job on taking the photos of the snow disappearing. Looks much better now that it is gone.

Sophie is a doll. Enjoy your visits with the family.

Linda Sand said...

I love seeing your pictures of the snow leaving! Spring actually promises to come this year! We've had a couple days in the 60s this week and with our big windows letting in the sunshine we actually had to open them and let some heat out each evening for the last few days! I'm currently in favor of global warming. We'll see if that lasts through the summer. :)

Wanderin' said...

Thank goodness your snow is gone. I hope the weather stays warmer. Your father's still in the hospital? Love the visiting times with friends and family.