Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Every year we spend time boondocking in the desert at Pilot Knob, just on the California side of the border, near Yuma, Arizona.  Years ago, Doug loved to do this and I was okay with it.  Now I love it as much as he does.  Why?  Because of the independence.  Independence from life on the grid.  We make our own power, we have our own water supply, we come and go as we please.  We have no obligations except those we make ourselves.  All of this and it's FREE.

The scenery is what some might think bleak or barren, but look closely and you see beauty everywhere.   We wake up to this:

And every day after dinner, we have this:

Take a walk in the desert and you find all sorts of interesting things to see.

Look down and you find things growing.  How? we do not know.  Not much rain here and no water in sight.  Not sure what this is but it's making effort to become something.

Look up and there are the most interesting cloud formations.

On our daily walk in the desert, we found the biggest ocotillo we have ever seen.

In this wetter, milder winter, plants have become so green.

It's a mere 11 miles into Yuma and Yuma has everything.  Great shopping, great restaurants, theatres and best of all, everything for RV's.

We save projects that need doing until we get to Yuma.  We got our new awning yesterday.  Doug always does all the work we need done on the rig.  Not this time.  Ours is an electric awning controlled from inside.  It was going to be a big job and if it failed....  So we had a recommendation from a friend to try County RV Repairs.  The owner gave us a quote, we liked it, and he stuck to it.  

That was scary.  Your home being hauled around by a forklift!
A few hours and have a look.

We are awaiting the arrival of our friends Terri and Paul that we met at Betty's RV in Louisana.  They returned to Ajax, Ontario for Christmas and are meeting us here in Yuma.

We are now resigned to the fact that we have to begin our return to British Columbia at the beginning of February.  My father has Stage 4 lung cancer and it is our turn to offer him whatever care he needs (or will accept).  Although we are truly disappointed, we have come to terms with this. It is the right thing to do.  We have had a great winter (still a bit more to go) with lots of adventures.  We will return next year.


Jan Mains said...

If you have to go back now, does that mean you'll be able to come back sooner in the fall. I know you are limited on how long you can stay in the states.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I have never see a ocotillo that big. That is huge. Can you image what it will look like when it gets its flowers. WOW.

Sorry dad is so sick. We hope the care you two give him will bring him comfort. Glad we will be able to meet up before you head North.

Linda Sand said...

Love the new awning--especially having the arms up you don't have to walk around them all the time.

It's good to be there for family even when the timing could be better. I hope the weather cooperates for your drive up.

Ray/Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about dad, prayers to you and the family.
Remember what they say at Betty's you can't come back if you don't leave.)
Take care, Ray n Wendy

Unknown said...

Good luck with your ailing father.See you in Canada!