Wednesday, November 23, 2016

ABBEVILLE - Around the town

Many of you have visited Abbeville.  We realize now that Abbeville is pronounced - Abb a ville - by the locals.  That Cajun thing y'all know.

We took a drive around the town (population about 12,000) to take some pictures, like a tour for those of you who will never come here.  ;)

This is one of the Catholic churches in town.  For Northerners, many graves are above ground because of the frequent flooding.  You see cemeteries like this all over the south.  Some are huge. Others are tiny and are just in the neighbourhoods.
 Many of the graves date back to the 1700's.

Many homes are very old.  Most of them are very well maintained.   Almost all houses are raised, some more than others. There are no basements.  Some sit on high mounds with drive-ways straight up.  The closer to the Gulf of Mexico, the higher the house.  Outside the city limits, the properties are huge with beautiful lawns and very tall old trees.  There are many live oaks, elm, pines, and beautiful flowering trees. There are palms too and palmetto.   Gardenia, oleander, and hibiscus are in bloom in November.

We were surprised to find sugar cane in Louisiana.  There are endless fields of it in various stages of growth.  Fields are chopped and shredded by these vicious looking machines.  The fields are then burned and replanted with short pieces of cane.
Sugar cane matures in 24 months and requires a lot of rain or irrigation.

Trucks carrying shredded sugar cane thunder through the Abbeville area all the time.

The cane industry as well as the rice industry are prevalent in Abbeville and have been for a long, long time.

We love Acadiana and particularly Abbeville.  The people are easy going and friendly.  Yesterday I had my hair cut at a place Betty recommended.  She has been going there for many years.  What an experience.  Lee Anna's opens at 6 am and closes at noon.  Lee Anna and her assistant are the epitome of southern charm.  Great haircut too.

We will be back to Betty's RV park for years and years.  Nothing like it.  Incomparable! 


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

We'll definitely be heading in that direction next year. Thanks for the heads up.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

where's weaver said...

So gald y'all are having such a terrific time. We also thought the town was darling. My words not Paul'

Jan Mains said...

Have you visited the rice place yet?

Wanderin' said...

Just catching up here. We love checking out the history in the new (old) towns we visit.