Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Lizzy and Nickolas prepare the potatoes

We have Canadian Thanksgiving in Minnesota.  Our American family there are dual citizens and we hope someday they will be Canadians.

We had 12 for Thanksgiving dinner.  I prepared all but the potatoes in the rig and served the dinner in the house.  Much less confusion that way.

Odonna, Alvina, Lizzy, Corbyn, Doug, Me, Stefani, (David was missing), Paul, and Milo.

David's adoptive father Milo is 89, his Aunt Alvina is 93.  Milo's girlfriend Odonna is also 89.  Lizzy now lives in Moorhead and she came with her boyfriend Corbyn.  David's nephew, Paul, came all the way from the Twin Cities.

The family includes two very active puppies.  Sasha is a Boston/Pitt Bull cross and Molly is a Jack Russell cross.  They are definitely part of the family.

The weather is pretty crappy but yesterday was sunny and warm.

  Doug is keeping busy with projects.  Most of his projects are to do with our new Smart TV which so far is not turning out the way we expected.  Apparently our WiFi signal is not strong enough for Netflix.  We are working on that.

We have a few more dinner engagements before we leave Bagley a week from today.  
We have made some reservations, one for Memphis, and one for New Orleans.  Then we have the reservation we made ages ago for Betty's RV in Abbeville for a week.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Looks like a great celebration.

We had a grand time at Betty's many years ago. We had to cancel our reservations this year, due to the fact we had no AC, and Paul's truck engine light keeps coming on. We drove all the way from Bay St. Louis, MS, to Houston, TX. I hate long days like that.

Jan Mains said...

You'll enjoy Betty's

Wanderin' said...

Looks like great fun with family. At least you'll be heading south and the weather is bound to improve ... I hope.

Linda Sand said...

At first I didn't realize that picture of the TV was your new one. It's surroundings look more like a house than an RV. You guys have a great rig!