Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I couldn't resist the title.  Can you believe it? Hundreds of ducks in a row.  Oxbow Lake, Lewis and Clark State Park near St. Joseph, Missouri.

As we are on the road again, I had better keep up with my blogging.

We left Bagley and David, Stefani and Nickolas on Monday.

We have reservations down the road so we are on a pretty tight schedule.  Monday was North Dakota and South Dakota.  We had a bit of a blip when we discovered that there is no overnight camping in Sioux Falls, not Walmart, not anywhere, by city ordinance.  We pushed on to Elk Point, South Dakota.  We discovered a very nice city park.

Today it was South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and we are in Missouri now.

We are camping at Lewis and Clark State Park west of St. Joseph, Missouri.  This is a gorgeous park for $19.00 a night.  We will definitely put this one on our "return to" list.

Tomorrow - pushing on to Harrison, Arkansas to try the Welcome Center overnight before Memphis, Tennessee.  We are going to do the Graceland thing and stay three nights.  Then on to New Orleans for three nights and Abbeville for a week.

We are definitely back on the road again.


Wanderin' said...

You are definitely on the road and making fast tracks. Take a little time and smell the roses. You know how that goes. Of course, we're ones to talk.

Linda Sand said...

Loved the ducks in a row. :)

Boy, you are making up for all that sitting in one place all summer!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

You two are sure on the move. Enjoy Memphis. Pretty neat town.