Saturday, November 7, 2015


I have to get busy and write this blog before I get behind.

After leaving Nashville we found the Natchez Trace.
We had heard from friends about the Trace.  444 miles of National Park.  Through 4 states, Tennessee,  the corner of Alabama, Mississippi  and Louisiana.   The speed limit varies between 40 and 55 mph.  Trucks are fined if they take the route.

There are three free campsites.  We wanted to try them all.


Meriwether Lewis campsite

The first one was the best one but we didn't know that.  We were there four days.  The campsites were so well maintained we couldn't believe they were free.

The only complaint we had was the falling oak acorns.  The sound on our roof was like a gunshot.

Jeff Busby campsite

So unlike the Meriweather Lewis campsite, Jeff Busby was in terrible shape.  The road was caving in and the sites were unlevel and in terrible shape.  We had the same acorns pelleting our roof.  We stayed only one night.

Rocky Springs campsite

The last free campsite on the Natchez Trace is Rocky Springs.  This was the biggest campsite with about 20 sites spread out over a large area.  We made sure we had no trees over us.  The only negative was for some reason we were in a WiFi/cellphone dead spot.

There are loads and loads of Historical markers along the trace.  Doug is more the history buff than I am but he takes pictures and I read them.  Here are a few.

And a few more pictures of the sites along the trace.  

This whole time we were rained upon repeatedly.  And the humidity was awful (about 75 - 85%).  You can't do anything without breaking into a huge sweat.  (not a good thing when you are boondocking).  We did run out of water by the last day.

After the Trace, the plan was to make an overnight stop in Shrevport Louisiana but partially because it was still humid and raining and mostly because the roads in Shrevport were terrible we decided to push on.

We are now at the Escapees Park in Livingston, Texas and it is still raining and humid.  We are staying for 5 days to get a few things done in the rig, get the laundry done and load up with groceries for our next run.  Across Texas, New Mexico and on to Arizona.


George Yates said...

The trace is a wonderful adventure we have done it a few times.
keep enjoying.

Jim and Sandie said...

I live studying the history of an area. Your weather will definitely improve when you get back to the desert.

Jim and Sandie said...

I live studying the history of an area. Your weather will definitely improve when you get back to the desert.

where's weaver said...

We did part of the Natchez Trace. Very lovely drive.
I am with Doug. I love to learn about history. Paul...-not so much.

Sue said...

you sure are moving fast! Last time we were in Shreveport, there was a great rodeo in town, my first!!

Wanderin' said...

We haven't done the Trace. We talked about it but that's as far as we've gotten. We spent some time in Shreveport and actually liked the area at least for the short time we were there.

heyduke50 said...

We done most of the trace on several different years... and yes, it is humid out east!

Jan Mains said...

We're so looking forward to seeing you. Travel safely.