Sunday, June 14, 2015


Last week we spent a few days in Vancouver to attend our granddaughter's commencement ceremony.

The fabulous Chan Centre for the Arts at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  Nico is a very special young lady.  She is so talented.  She writes, she cooks, and she excels in the performing arts.  

Nico received $12,500 in bursaries.  She will be attending Vancouver Film school in the fall.  We are so proud.

Mom, Nicole, brother Jakob Dad, Mike and Nico checking out the awards

Nico met the benefactor of the award after the ceremony and he has plans for her.

Way to go Nico.  With your talents and determination, success is out there for you.

We were visited by another very special young person yesterday.  Son Graeme drove his best friend Michael up for a visit.  Michael is on a short break from Sweden where he is a chef at the #25 best restaurant in the WORLD.  Faviken is about 500 miles north of Stockholm, Sweden.  It is a very small restaurant, with seating for only 16 guests.  Reservations are about 2 years in advance and must be paid in advance.  A meal costs 2200 Swedish Krona or $270 US each.  There are 9 chefs at Faviken.  They use nothing but local ingredients.   Herbs are gathered from the local forest and sometimes the meal is served on rocks.

Michael cooked for us in our tiny well-equipped RV kitchen. They had stopped at a farmers' market on the way from Vancouver.  What he prepared was anything but regular.  

Chef Michael prepared BBQ'd romaine lettuce topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and parmesan cheese.  He also BBQ'd spring onions with lemon.  These were served with a puddle of homemade whole grain dijon mayonaisse and a poached egg.  Delicious!!



Jim and Sandie said...

Nico sounds like a wonderful young lady. She is definitely going to go far. And to have your own chef for the evening. Wow. You are usually the chef for everybody else. Nice that you get to be spoiled.

where's weaver said...

Now that is a young lady with a very bright future!
Yummmmy! Sounds like a delicious meal.

Wanderin' said...

Congratulations to the granddaughter! It's so nice to have someone cook for you. Nummy.

George Yates said...

Congratulations and that meals sounds awesome !