Monday, April 6, 2015

Waiting is the Name of the Game

Just a short blog to let you know what we are up to.  Not much.  We met with the new contractor and things are going to be fantastic but we are not officially starting (on the payroll) until the 15th of April.  

All of us are here, Doug and I, Doug and Sue, Steve and Dianne and Gord but we have time to rest up and relax before we get to work.  Oh, we are doing a few things around the park but not much.   Lots of planning.  Making minor changes and repairs.

Very industrious squirrel.  Messy and wasteful too.
Speaking of change, oh how I love change.  We decided that if we were going to be in one spot for five+ months, we may as well change the furniture around.  We won't be able to bring the slide in but don't need to until September.

Looks cool, eh?

And did I mention that we had some snow.  Just a bit, but still.  It's very chilly still but we are warm and comfortable running two electric heaters on free electricity.

Snow and the hills across the latke.  It didn't last long.


where's weaver said...

I love changing up the furniture. Can't do it in our 5er, but I can in our home.

Enjoy the rest before the storm...hehe

Wanderin' said...

You are right. I like changes too.

George Yates said...

Enjoy your busy time there, I am sure it will fly by.

George Yates said...

Enjoy your busy time there, I am sure it will fly by.

Jan Mains said...

I like the furniture placement. I still marvel at the great kitchen table you found.

Linda Sand said...

What fun to be able to rearrange furniture. Makes for a totally different feel in there. I like your table, too.