Friday, April 17, 2015

UP DATE - Unexpected Illness

        Doug and I have been very sick.  In this small town there is no walk-in clinic.  Wednesday night after Doug nearly fainted from a choking cough, we took ourselves to the emergency ward.  We both have a bronchial infection.  The doctor prescribed some heavy duty cough medicine and some Tylenol 3's.  Our muscles hurt from cough so much.  The Tylenol has codeine so we slept better too.

Today I am much better.  I managed to go to the laundromat and do three loads of laundry as well as grocery shopping and to the library for more movies.

We are so thankful to our friends Doug and Sue, and Steve and Dianne for working.  Without them we would have been screwed.  The seventh member of our team, Gord, spilled his motorcycle on himself and will be off for quite a while.

Hopefully by Monday, Doug will be well and we will get going.


George Yates said...

Good luck with a speedy recovery, not a lot of fun being sick.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

This is good news. Paul and I had something very similar to what you two had. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you have nothing but sunshine from here on out!

Jan Mains said...

Glad you decided to go to a doctor. You two always do things together.

Linda Sand said...

Sure the job finally starts and you both call in sick. :)

Sorry, couldn't resist that snarky comment. In reality I feel for you and wish you both well quickly.

Jim and Sandie said...

One of you on the mend is an improvement but we want both of you up and about. Nice to have workers who are willing to pitch in when you need help.

Wanderin' said...

Oh no. Sorry to here you've both been ill. That's definitely no fun at all but good that you're now on the mend.