Monday, March 9, 2015


We have been asking ourselves, why are we still at Overton.  We have no more stops planned, we think we are ready to return to our other life, and the weather back in British Columbia is pretty nice.

But hey, we are relaxing.  We may have some other friends join us and we aren't expected until March 20th.  I think we can bear another week until departure.

We have made some two legged friends from Alberta, Richard and Marilyn, who are in the site next door.  They are also Escapees but not full-timers.  They are actually on their way down, not back.

The weather is wonderful.  Warm and sunny.  The animals seem to be coming around more often.  Just a few animal pictures to share with you.

A really fat quail

Mockingbird with a huge vocabulary

Not sure, heron?

Wood duck

Canada Goose


Blue Heron
Doug walks the trails daily.  He had thought he wouldn't be able to do that because the last time we were here he walked them with his old dog.  He misses him.

RIP Parker, we miss you.


George Yates said...

Nothing like relaxing and enjoying the great weather, wish we were there too.

Linda Sand said...

That quail looked yummy. Wait! Are we supposed to eat them?

Good to see Parker again. Good to see Doug recovering enough to be able to walk familiar places without him.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I love watching those crazy quails. The head dress just makes me laugh.

Wanderin' said...

Sure looks like you have a lot of critters around to entertain you. I suspect when the weather warms a little you'll be heading farther north.