Tuesday, January 20, 2015

QUARTZSITE 2015 - A Bunch of New Friends

Last year we just visited Quartzsite for a day.  Not my decision but I was okay with that.  I missed our friends and the fun we have while in Quartzsite but it was enough, for last year.

This year we are here for at least a week.  Our group, The Classless Class,  has become very popular on the Escapee Forum and we have a lot of new people asking if they can come and spend time getting to know us.  No problem, the more the merrier.  Those of us who have been at this for a while are happy to help out those just starting out.

After bit of a late start (technical issues we'd rather not discuss), we arrived on Sunday afternoon.  There were just 6 rigs here.  The fire was ready, the gazebo was ready over the tables, and we were ready.

For me the best time is around the fire each night.  We catch up with old friends and learn all about our newbies.

Our guru, Lee (aka IYQ) and new comers Sharon and Linda

Monday several more rigs arrived.  We usually have an even mix of  trailers and fifth wheels but this year we have more motorhomes (several Tiffins) than towables.  Like sleeping giants they surround the area.

Monday afternoon a spontaneous pot-luck broke out.  Appetizers at 4:30 we decided.

l to r - Liz, Marilyn, Doug, Sue and Julie
The pot-luck was followed by the fire, again a wonderful time.  Lots of conversations and fun.  We tried to introduce ourselves and our new friends.

There are now thirteen rigs here with another two or three coming in today and even more tomorrow.


 Didn't finish before another rig arrived.  Another Tiffin.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Don't forget us....lol

Sue B said...

or us..we will be there in 'spirit'..or if the 'lear jet'gets some gas!

George Yates said...

Always a great place to meet up with people and get together.

heyduke50 said...

yep, we are enjoying our stay here with the class-less group...

Wanderin' said...

It's so good to see you and Doug again! There are good times ahead!!

Molly and Bob said...

It was nice meeting you today Toni! Sorry to miss the blogfest!
Hugs! Molly