Monday, November 17, 2014

SNYDER HILL - Boondocking at its Best

Last year we boondocked at Snyder Hill, south of Tucson.  It was a given that we would be back this year.  Last year it rained quite a bit and we were stuck in our spot for a bit longer than we wanted to be.  This year we stayed away from the soft dirt and parked where our friends, Karen and Bob, parked.

There are about 10 rigs here.  There are also 2 groups in tents with children.  Remember there are no facilities.  Are these children attending school?

Snyder Hill is what they call the butte behind the rig.  Last year we climbed that hill.  We hope to do it again.  First I must get over this cough.

Doug has a few projects to do while we are here.  Our last day in Yuma we bought the lids for the roof vents.  The lids were deteriorating.  Sure enough when we arrived, the vent over the living room was lidless.  It had blown off somewhere on the trip over from Yuma.  Today Doug replaced the two vent lids and did quite a bit of maintenance on our Fantastic Fan in the bathroom.


  I had not mentioned before that I have been sick.  About 2 weeks ago I had cold-like symptoms, only in my sinus area.  Runny nose, itchy eyes.  As the days passed I found it unusual that it did not progress.   Then I developed a cough- a severe dry cough, from the back of my throat, not my chest.
I could not lay down without hacking all night.  I spent a few nights bundled up in our recliner. 

During this time, we had a lot of wind, both at Pilot Knob and at Cocopah Casino.  A lot of dust blew into the rig.  Could it be allergies?  Doug thought it might be so he ripped the carpet out of our rig. (he had been threatening this for a while.  This was his excuse.)  Luckily there was linoleum under the carpet.  Oh, the dust, incredible.  We vacuumed, swept, and vacuumed some more.  All the furniture had to be dusted and dusted some more.


We purchased an area carpet at the Yuma Outdoor Market and are very pleased with the change.  Before and after pictures but we have to put down the trim and we are purchasing a new recliner.  Due to the pattern in the carpet, I have to "unbusy" some of the accessories to balance the Feng Shui.


AFTER - I am very pleased with the added linoleum in the kitchen area
 We have a few other projects to complete.  Stay tuned.


Wanderin' said...

Terry's been hacking like crazy too. We thought it was allergies in the Pacific NW but nope. He still has it. He's had all kinds of tests and even given medicine for gerd! Who knows but more doctors when we make Phoenix.

Linda Sand said...

What attractive linoleum! You lucked out there. Now you just need to get lucky with that cough so it disappears.

Jan Mains said...

Maybe it's time to see a doctor. You don't want to have valley fever.

Jim and Sandie said...

I felt really lousy on Sunday and finally decided it was allergies. We need some cold weather to kill off all these blooming things. Sure hope you're feeling much better soon. I also worry about Valley Fever.