Monday, November 10, 2014


Saturday morning we got together with dear friends Steve and Carol.  We visited their new motorhome.  Very pretty.  Steve and Carol will be in Yuma until their previous "Bessy Bus" which is parked next door, sells.  We visited and then we went to lunch.  Lunch was very good at the Lutes Casino in the old town.  Company was even better than the food.

We had intended to take in the festival that was right out the door of the casino but it turned out to be a Childrens' Festival and therefore not really for us.  Been there, done that.

So off to the Yuma Outdoor market.  It was pretty hot so after a few purchases, we left.  We will get together with Steve and Carol again during the week.


Sunday morning early, we made the decision to leave the Pilot Knob boondocking area.  It has been very hot and more often than not, windy.

We drove the truck out to Mittry Lake to check it out before we hauled the rig out.  We had heard the roads were pretty tricky and the boondocking sites tough to get into.  We didn't find either to be true.

So we hooked up and moved.  We found a really nice site, close to the lake and not too far in.

Right away we noticed there were mosquitoes, lots of mosquitoes.  That's okay, we have repellant and they don't like me.    Then we realized the road in front of the rig, is very well traveled.  We had noticed when we visited Imperial Dam that this road actually hooks up with Hwy 95 at the proving grounds.  

Then we met this fellow.  Apparently this is mating season for tarantulas and he is out "cruisin".  Sorry, I have been told they are harmless but I don't do spiders especially big hairy ones.

 So this is the plan.  We are leaving and going to park at the Quechan casino for a couple of days.  Then we will move to the SKP park KOFA for a couple more.

Doug went out for a short walk and took a few more pictures.  Very pretty.  

But we're still leaving.  Sooner even.  Today!   There are hunters all around us.  Boom, boom, boom.


Wanderin' said...

We checked out that park too. We liked the idea of being on the water but we also saw the bugs. They were everywhere. No wonder the park isn't very full even during high season. We didn't like it either.

Check out the Cocopah Casino. I think it's $5 for 3 nights or something like that. It's clean and bug free.

Jim and Sandie said...

Agree with Jeri. Check out Cocopah. Anywhere near water is going to have lots of bugs especially in this heat. Only a few flies here so far. Thank goodness.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Hope Steve and Carol make it to the Q. We would really enjoy spending some time with them.

There would be NO way I would stay there with those spiders. Good call on moving!

Jan Mains said...

Great photos, Doug.