Monday, June 9, 2014


I have to have something to post about, right?

Well, we were busier than ever.  Last week the other couple QUIT!  Yes, we were all alone with quite a full park for a week.  I will not go into details here because my blog address is at the bottom on emails I sent to them.  Let's just say that although the decision to quit was theirs, Doug did have some input in that decision.

I said bad news, good news.  I can only give a hint but there is another couple coming to work in July and many of you out there in blogger land know them.  I will keep you in suspense until all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed.

We are happier now.  There was a lot of tension in the park.

Until July comes, we have some staff from last year filling in.  We are going to have a very full park this weekend, so thank goodness for that.


Jan Mains said...

Is it someone I know? I'll be tuned in to find out.

Linda Sand said...

One of the challenges of work camping is all those other people. :)

Hope the new couple work out well and that you survive until they arrive.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

You two take care of your health. Please don't get yourself worn down.

If Doug had some input in their decision to leave, they needed to leave!

Wanderin' said...

It'll definitely be nice to have people you know coming onboard with you. You won't have to worry about getting acquainted that's for sure.

Sue B said...

that's really too bad that the other couple just up and 'quit''s hoping that the new 'employees' will be a better 'fit'!

Jim and Sandie said...

It's tough that they just quit but it may have been easier for you guys not to have them there. Been quite the summer for you already. Hope the new folks can get all the i's dotted.