Monday, March 17, 2014


As our stay in the United States for the winter of 2013-2014 is coming to an end, I bring to you a review.  The best of the things we did, the things we ate and the people that we met up with on the way.

The Most Exciting Things:

1. Finding David – by far the most exciting thing was my reunion with the son I gave up for adoption nearly 47 years ago.  It still doesn’t seem real to me.  We have chatted on-line, Skyped with the family and are making plans for a visit in September/October of this year.

2.   The Price is Right – although we didn’t win anything the experience was amazing.  It took all day but was worth it.
                                                                                                                                           February 25_11334

3.   Quartzsite Reunion – on January 22 we visited Quartzsite, Arizona for a celebration and pot luck.  At first I was upset because Doug only wanted to visit Quartzsite for this one day, in the end, he was right.
4.  The Ostrich Farm – Pichaco, Arizona – Doug would want me to add this even though I didn’t go in.  He had a blast.  He enjoyed the Lorakeets the most.

                                                                                                                             Nov 7_9514

The Most Memorable Places We Stayed/Visited (for good or bad)
In no particular order –
1. We stayed at Snyder Hill BLM Tuscon for 2 weeks.  Good memories because it was a good spot but bad because it rained a lot and we were stuck in our site. 

                                                                                                                                    Nov 7_9551
2.  Las Vegas – we did Las Vegas from Boulder City and we were only there for the day.  We saw what it was all about and we didn’t like it much.  I doubt we will ever go back.  Too crowded, too noisy.
3.  Tubac, Arizona – south of Tucson, an artist’s haven.  Bright and colourful.  Way to expensive for us but we loved window-shopping

                                                                                                                                               Nov 30_9854
4.  Pahrump, Nevada – we found the brothels fascinating (from the outside of course). 
5.  Prescott, Arizona – very pretty tourist town, full of boomers.  Lots of gift shops and great restaurants.

                                                                                                 Nov 6_9409

6.  Casa Grande, Arizona – we have been here every year but this is where we have many friends and we have a lot of fun.
Casinos We Stayed at:
This year we discovered Casino camping.  Boondocking in a parking lot.  Usually the casino gives you enough to feel like they are paying you to stay.  Register with the desk and you get a players’ card.

1.  Casino del Sol – Tucson – $10.00 each to play in the casino on two consecutive days and half price buffet.  $19.00 for two and without a doubt best casino buffet so far.  Lot is huge, flat and well lit.

Nov 30_9836

2.  Three Rivers Casino – Florence, Oregon.  $10.00 to play.  Again the lot is huge and well lit. We have been coming to Florence for over 20 years and there is a lot to do here.  Sad to see several businesses have closed in the last year.

3.  Chinook Winds – Lincoln City, Oregon.  Not the best.  Not level.  We didn’t actually play at this casino.  The town though, has a great Outlet Mall.

Other Boondocking:
1.  Ogilby Road – Yuma – our friends all recommend this place but we prefer Pilot Knob BLM.  It’s closer to town.
2.  Borrego Springs – again our friends recommend this place.  We don’t like it and will never go back.  It’s barren, there’s not much of a town.  They do have the famous metal sculptures to see.
3.  Hollywood Casino and Race Track – Hollywood – I found this on but would not recommend it at all.  The staff doesn’t agree on whether you can even stay here.  It served our purpose as we needed something close to Studio City and The Price is Right.  On the third night, they told us we had to leave.

a.   Burgers
      1.  Porters in Superior Arizona – our friends Sandie and Jim took us here.  Without a doubt the best burger we had this winter.  Great ambiance too.  Old building with lots of antiques.  Even had a Canadian flag hanging in the rafters.

                                                                                                                                Nov 7_9437
      2.  The Creative Cafe in Casa Grande, Arizona – a great discovery we made this year.  First time I went with the ladies from the SKP park and had a mushroom burger, yum.  Next time we went with Jeri and Terry and the food was again, delicious.
                                                                                                                                         Dec 11_9953
       3.  In n’Out – always our favourite.  Friends convinced us we should try 5 Guys Burgers to compare.  Their fries were so salty they were inedible.  Burger was pretty good.  Also In n’ Out costs 1/2 as much.

b.  Food in General
1.  Lins Buffet – Yuma – Wow, wow, wow.  We went three times in three weeks.  The food is scrumptious. There is food of dozens of cultures.  It’s all fresh and amazingly hot.  Seniors price $11.99 each!!

                                                                                                               Jan 13_10330

2.  Mimi’s Cafe – Yuma – Mimi’s is always a favourite.  This year we tried the breakfast.   Fantastic.
3.  Potlucks – always have to mention potlucks.  We all tend to be very competitive when it comes to making food for pot lucks.  Memorable one at Quartzsite, great one at SKP park in Casa Grande and a huge one for Thanksgiving at Diamond J RV park in Tucson.

We’ve had a great winter in the south.  Great things are happening for us.  David and his wife Stefani have come into our lives and that’s unbelievable.   Doug has been made manager of our park in Merritt. 

LIFE IS GOOD          



Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Finding David has to be the all time ever best thing. WOW...what a blessing. So glad everyone gets along so well.

Good job on the recap. Safe travels when you hit the highway.

Sue B said...

great recap,Toni..quite the exciting winter the two of you have had!!
Doug is the new manager?..good for him!!!! congrats on his new position!!

Jim and Sandie said...

Love your recap. We did have some great times but by far the best is David finding you. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

Wanderin' said...

Next thing you know you'll be planning your next adventure and that one will be heading east to Minnesota!

Linda Sand said...

Sounds like it was a very good year indeed! I hope next winter, starting with your visit to David, is every bit as good.

Ed and Lyn said...

Enjoyed reading the recap. You had a great year esp. finding your son.