Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quick Update on This and That

As you can imagine, life has been rather strange for us lately.  We have found my son that I had given up for adoption nearly 47 years ago.  We have been chatting on-line nearly constantly.  There is so much to say.  We have some very definitely similarities.  He is becoming so comfortable with us and the banter that goes on between him and Jason is unbelievable.  David has been the little brother his whole life and now he has two little brothers.  And they have a lot in common.

During one of those conversations, son Graeme came on to tell us his car had broken down.  The car is not worth fixing.  Graeme delivers pizza for a living.  He has to have a car.  Well I am proud to tell you that he has done it all himself.  As I write this he is on his way to pick up a new-to-him car.  As you know, this is a huge thing for Graeme.  We are so proud.

Doug and I are still not completely well.  Doug has had an ear ache for two weeks.  As of this morning, it hasn't made an appearance.  Me - my nose just runs and runs.  I should be 100 lbs after blowing it so much.

The sun is shining in Sutherlin but it is not warm.  
We will be here until Saturday and then move on to Florence and then up the Oregon coast.


Wanderin' said...

Now you just need to plan the meeting place. I'm sure you've already thought about that.

Get well!

Jim and Sandie said...

So much fun for you and the family. But it's time for you both to be feeling better.

Jack Nimble said...

We have something in common. I found a brother I didn't know I had in 2007. What a surprise. I have visited him and he has visited me and he's been to New York to see my sister. He lived in the bay area of SFO but has since moved closer to his children (my new nieces and nephew) in Phoenix. Life takes its twists and turns, doesn't it.

Judith Bell said...

What an exciting time for you all.

Linda Sand said...

So many family stories to tell! Now we just need you to get well so you can tell them in person. Does that mean you will be coming to Minnesota or is the Lutheran Social Services link just a temporary one?

William Massey said...

I enjoy following your blog. Hope you feel well soon!..