Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th - Ups and Downs

As you all know, tomorrow I am really going to have something monumental to blog about.  The Price is Right.  We can't take pictures but we will tell you all about it.

So I had better get today under my belt.  We were making plans for the day when a nasty "construction" guy told Doug we were not allowed to park in this lot and we would have to move.  We would have to switch gears immediately but I was not taking his word for anything.  I found the security guards, and their supervisor and asked if this was true.  It was NOT.  They wanted us to move to the center of the lot but that was all.  They were most apologetic about the situation and assured us that the "construction" guy has no authority over whether or not you can park here or not.

Our day got better - our income tax rebate was in our account! $$$$$

Our plan was to top up both our Verizon and our telephone, get some groceries and then find our way to CBS studios and the parking garage we are supposed to park in prior to the big day.

Verizon turned out to be just about next door to the park.  They still have trouble processing Canadian Visas but we got it done.  Great service.  Great staff.

We found a Walmart.  Oh my gawd, the biggest Walmart we have ever been in and boy have we been in a few.  This was three floors.  It has the strangest escalator for your shopping cart.  The store was a mess and we found it was out of a lot of things and didn't even carry meat, or BLUE BUNNY ice cream.


Then we headed a little north and found the studio and the parking complex we are supposed to park at.  The parking fee is going to be pricey but after considering taking the bus or a taxi, we decided this would be the best bet.  Taking no chances with this.

Doug has always wanted to visit the La Brea Tar Pits and as it is right there as well and free (well parking is $9.00) we would do that.  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is there too.  Doug went in.  I don't care for museums.  Doug saw lots of great stuff;  Andy Warhol's tomato soup can; several Picassos and some Jackson Pollack and then he discovered that he was supposed to pay $10.00. No one said anything!

The largest tar pit. 
Now that I know what the tar pits are all about, it's pretty interesting

Sneaky guy, leaving the museum

Happy to wait outside

We found our way back and saw a few interesting sites.

But traffic is crazy.  We were honked at, cut off and generally amazed at the way Californians drive.



Jan Mains said...

The thing I remember is you never see the sun before noon. I couldn't take the gray looking skies.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

A Walmart that is three stories? I never seen a two-story one.

Hope you have a fantastic time tomorrow. Good luck.

Wanderin' said...

We definitely hate the Los Angeles traffic. Glad everything worked out for you and you got to go where you wanted do. Now get out of that big city and all that traffic!

Jim and Sandie said...

Definitely time to move on so you don't get yelled at again. Be safe in that horrible traffic. I went to the tar pits back in the 70's and it was fascinating but it was free back then - no parking fee. I can't even imagine a three story Walmart and especially one with no Blue Bunny.

William Massey said...

We're not all bad. Sorry you had trouble with the California drivers. How you do OK in the rain coming. You have me interested in your travels. I'm going to follow your blog. Happy travels!