Monday, January 13, 2014

What's Going on at Pilot Knob

Actually quite a lot is going on at Pilot Knob.  People leave every day for Quartzsite.   FINALLY the crazy "astronomical physicist" and his tiny, dirty camper on a flat bed left yesterday.

Some leave and some more arrive.  Sandie and Jim will be leaving for Quartzsite tomorrow.

 Sandie's friend Diana left Saturday morning much to our surprise.  She is not well and wanted to be at home.  She may come back.

Diana's cat - a she Bandit

Friday we all visited the Peanut Patch.  We took the "tour" but were informed that they don't actually grown peanuts there and haven't for years.  The talk was interesting and we did get to sample their 100% natural, nothing but peanuts, peanut butter.  I got the feeling that the business itself is in trouble so we all helped out by buying peanut butter, peanut brittle, peanuts and fudge.  It WAS very good.

Doug made some friends at the peanut patch

made friends with the chickens as well

Twice since we arrived here we have eaten at Lin's Grand Buffet in Yuma.  The first time we went with friends Terry and Edie but we forgot to take pictures.  Last night we collected Denise and went again.  I must say, this is the best buffet we have ever been to.  Seniors' price is $10.99.  The food is fresh, hot and delicious.  There are 5 long rows of buffet offerings as well as a Sushi bar, a Mongolian grill and a "made to your liking" steak grill.

I think our waitress did a fantastic job on this picture.

Today it is very windy and we can't decide to stay in or go do something.  We still want to visit the date farm, the indoor swap meet and our friends Kay and Dan.  

Doug has been reconfiguring and repainting the boxes in the bed of our truck but I don't think he'll be doing that in the wind.

Yesterday we drove out to the area called Ogilby Road with the intention of moving there for a while.  We did not like it.  It's not much different that here  and a lot further from town.  We will stay here until someone tells us otherwise.  The host seems very laid back about the length of time you can stay.

We will stay here and HOPE that our friends from the Quartzsite gathering will come down a stay awhile after the gathering.


where's weaver said...

Sounds like y'all have found a little piece of heaven.

We live peanut butter. Need to put that place on our list for next year...we hope.

Jim and Sandie said...

We're at plomosa road. Absolutely no internet.