Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PILOT KNOB: Really in California but not!


We are parked in the desert in the BLM at Pilot Knob.  The name comes from the hill in front of us which was/is used as a marker by pilots to the airfield in Yuma.

This area is actually in the state of California but just barely.  There is always confusion over the time as California is an hour behind Arizona.  Because we do all our shopping, eating out etc. in Yuma we choose to stay on California time.  The best way to explain time is to say – wall clock time, not computer or cellphone time.

So here we are.

Jan 8_10284


Jim and Sandie’s friend Dianna dropped her rig and returned to Phoenix for some doctor’s appointments.  She is expected later today.

The first night we had a pot luck with Jim and Sandie, Bill and Jan, Tom and Dianne, and Doug and I.  We had a nice meal and a fire.  It cooled off very quickly so we all went home.

Jan 8_10274


Today the six of them went to Los Algodones for dental work.  We are looking after the weiners, Skooter and Skittles.

Jan 8_10285

They are all back now.  Sandie has a wonderful new smile.

By the by.  The other evening we went out for dinner with our friends Edie and Terry to Lin’s Grand Buffet in Yuma.  Holy cow, it was fantastic.  We are already planning on going back.

I will leave you with a sunrise and a sunset.  Always beautiful here in Arizona.

Jan 8_10280

Jan 4_10254

And one of our cute little four-legged friends.

This is Skittles.

Jan 8_10287


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh we are so jealous looking at that blue sky. Sounds like y'all are enjoying the desert and all its beauty.

Wanderin' said...

Gorgeous sunset photos. That's the part I remember the most -- warm days and quite cool evenings.