Saturday, October 26, 2013


Doug convinced me we should stay one more day at Walker Lake and it was a good one.

We had a couple of little things we wanted to do in the rig.  Doug saved the drawers from the former nook reno and wanted to install them in the pantry.  That way things won't fall over when we travel.

 We have one more drawer and Doug will install it in the shelf above this one for all the canned goods, cereal, pasta and stuff.

We love to utilize all the space in our rig.  Handy shoe shelf under the stairs.

No picture of the next project but it's probably the best.  Best use of space - ever.  We have a second clothes closet next to our bed.  It was a little bit deeper than the big closet but still not deep enough for dresses.  When I was putting clothes away, I knocked on the bottom of the closet and realized that it was hollow under there.  Doug knocked out the floor and Wow! now dresses can hang completely.

We went for a walk along the beach and found some more wildlife.  

this cute little guy...

and this not so cute guy....

 wandering along the shoreline looking for lunch.

All these renos meant firewood.  Our first fire of the season.



Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Good job, Doug. I love my drawers.

That fire looks mighty nice with the beautiful background.

Wanderin' said...

Since you keep mentioning you can hang up dresses, I want to know exactly how many dresses you are carrying around with you?

Looks like a great place but the no internet and no phone would make us pass it by.

Jim and Sandie said...

Good looking drawers. I just fold my dresses over hangers so they hang okay.

Linda Sand said...

Love a fire from reclaimed wood. Good job, guys.

Dresses? What are those? I do have one culotte with a matching top which is as close as I come to having a dress.

Bea said...

Drawers. I remember I got them too, about two weeks before we sold the Motorhome. :((
Dresses, first year I had some, never used them. Second and following years - none. Black slacks and a nice top go a long way. But if I have to have one: there is always a Thriftstore around somewhere.
Love the header!

Robert Ritchie said...

Are those Doug's dresses?