Tuesday, October 29, 2013


If the title offends you, read no further.
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The whole subject of legal prostitution and legal brothels in the state of Nevada is interesting to Doug and I.  We are not quite sure how we feel about it yet but we were curious to know the facts.

Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump the most expensive in the state

We met a long-time resident of the Escapee park here in Pahrump who used to do tours of the local brothels for women.  She was full of information.  I then researched the subject on WiKi.

Some very interesting facts emerged:
1.  There are 19 legal brothels in Nevada employing about 200 women
2.  Only counties with a population of less than 400,000 can have legal brothels
3.   The women have a medical examination once a week for veneral disease and one a month for HIV
4.  Women live on the premises for three weeks a month and live elsewhere for the other week.  The women are not permitted  to live in the same town they work in.
5. Clients are buzzed into the brothel where they can meet and choose the woman they want to deal with.  The woman sets the price.  Typically prices start at $200 for 15 minutes.  Some brothels have cottages and a weekend will run over $10,000.
6.  If a client arrives by taxi, the woman is expected to pay the cab driver 1/3 of her take.
7.  Brothels have existed in Nevada since the 1800's and were first licensed in 1971. The famous Mustang Ranch operated from 1971 until 1999 when it was shut down due to convictions of fraud and tax evasion.
8. Heidi Fleiss former Hollywood Madam had plans to open a "male" brothel in Pahrump.  She now owns a laundromat.
9.  The closer the brothel is to Las Vegas, the pricier.

I know this is a subject that is not comfortable to some but I hope that you found it informative and thought-provoking.


Peter + Beatrix said...

I found that most entertaining. Especially the $200/15minutes thing. Geez..quite the hourly rate.

Judy and Emma said...

$200 for 15 minutes? Unbelievable!

Linda Sand said...

Did you go in and buy a t-shirt? I think Jeri sent Terry in. Hope her t-shirt didn't cost $200. :)

Wanderin' said...

Linda is so funny but she was right. We had t-shirts from a couple of them we had to visit. I think they'll even let you tour them. However, I doubt they'll let you tour any occupied quarters.

Jim and Sandie said...

I sent Jim into the Chicken Ranch and he came out with a T-shirt (I gave him about 3 minutes and then I told him I was going in to get him.) LOL

where's weaver said...

We were very shock that the town of Pahrump had brothels.

Any one that can pay $200 for 15 min has too much money!

Striper said...

Hmmmmmm $800 dollars an hour is more than a Lawyer makes. No wonder they retire early. LOL