Monday, September 30, 2013


This weekend I got together for a reunion with five girlfriends from Prince Rupert.  We all graduated together in 1969 and most of us were in the same class throughout elementary school.

Let me introduce you.

Left to right:  Wendy, Corrine, Erin, Tricia, Me and Renae at dinner at The Masthead
Although I planned the reunion, Corrine hosted it.  Corrine lives on Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.  Four of the girls live elsewhere on Vancouver Island but Erin and I had to take the ferry from Vancouver.  

Corrine had a few surprises for us.  She had arranged for a masseuse to come in Saturday and give us all a massage.
Renae - ready for her massage
Corrine has a beautiful home.  I told her that I had sleep issues and would probably have to turn the light on several times a night.  She gave me the master suite.  Beautiful room, fantastic view.

 We planned meals and everyone did their part.

Tricia makes crepes for breakfast
Renae, me, Erin, Corrine and Wendy at breakfast

Renae looks after appies
We did a lot of catching up.  I had gotten together with Wendy and Corrine (separately) in Arizona last winter but other than that I hadn't seen these friends since graduation night in May of 1969.

Erin and wine (and this was just a small portion of the wine consumed

Corrine and Erin catching up
The weather was rainy and cold so we did not use the hot tub or get to swim off the dock.

We went out to dinner on the Saturday night at a posh restaurant at Lake Cowichan called The Masthead.  The dinner was sumptuous and the company charming.

A convenient port hole makes a great frame for Erin
 Dinner was a choice of two menus.  One was salmon.  I don't do salmon.  The other was Chipotle ribs.  I am not a fan of spicy food but these ribs were not and they were wonderfully delicious.

Many hugs and a few tears were shared as we parted and promised to meet again in a few years.

Corrine has a second home on Shawnigan Lake.  The home we stayed at is her guest house.  Follow this link for a look at the main house.  Make sure to watch the video.


Marsha Weaver said...

What a fabulous time you all had. What great friends. I want to belong to your Diva group. I graduated in about an invite? lol

Jim and Sandie said...

What a fantastic week-end. And a beautiful place to have the reunion.

Wanderin' said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Good friends, good wine and lots of good embellished stories.

See ya soon.

Sue and Doug said...

time well spent with some 'old and dear friends'..looks like you all enjoyed yourselves!!

Judy and Emma said...

Wow! What a reunion!

Linda Sand said...

Good friends, good times, beautiful location. Nice to have that hostess!

tdhomestead said...

Very nice, Toni... something special about time with gal-pals :)