Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last Day Here

Today we head for the coast and familiar places.  Yesterday we did our final visiting.  We visited Doug's Mom and brother Bill in Salmon Arm and then we spend a fun evening having dinner with brother David and his wife Elizabeth.  Such good friends, such good company.

Doug shows his Mom some pictures on the computer

Aw, isn't this one great.  A great lady.

Brother Bill on the street he is revitalizing in Salmon Arm. (he doesn't like to have his picture taken so we did this from quite a distance.

The street (hmm maybe he can have them redo the street itself)

David and Liz say "Goodbye" for now.

A few pictures and then we will be pulling out.  It's raining, but we packed up yesterday so all is well.  We say goodbye to our summertime home.



Linda Sand said...

I'm not surprised Doug's Mom is a "great little lady" given the son she raised.

where's weaver said...

Mom looks like she is really into the pictures. She looks great.

Jim and Sandie said...

I love Mom's hat. That is a great picture. Safe travels.

Bea said...

Thanks for the update. Safe travels! Love the nice photo of Doug's Mom.

Wanderin' said...

Mom sure looks like she's quite the lady. She's all dressed up and ready to head to town. What a great picture that is.

Sue and Doug said...

safe travels as you head towards the coast!!!