Thursday, September 19, 2013


After five months of being responsible for up to 800 campers, we have come to a full service campground where we are responsible for no one.  We are enjoying all amenities.

Our site

Our site showing the proximity to the laundry (the door by the golf cart)

For the first time in five months, we have television.  Good time to have television - premier week.  Even the commercials are new to us.  

The campground is on an island and just over the bridge is a little community of restaurants and gift shops.
Graeme and I on the bridge There is always lots of activity on the river.

Still having fun with the camera.  Love these flowers.
I discovered a brand of pop that I used to drink as a kid.  Had to have one.



Wanderin' said...

Looks like you're on vacation!! Oh wait .. you are!

Linda Sand said...

Ah, root beer! I had one of those this evening. Not your brand but still tasty.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Beautiful park.

I don't think I could go 5 months without TV.

Striper said...

Looking good there kiddo. Try not to enjoy yourselves to much though.


Sue and Doug said...

Finally figured out where you are..a little slow, I am!!

Tammra Broughton said...
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Tammra Broughton said...

It was great meeting you Toni and Doug, even if only briefly! I am inspired to connect again! Smiles, Tammra