Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The weather continues to be hot, hot and hotter.  The campers keep rolling in.  In previous years, the park is only about 50% full during the week and 100% full over the weekends.  Lately, we are over-full on the weekends using our parking lot as over-flow. 

Doug got a tomato plant for his birthday.  The soil here is not great as this is semi-arid desert but we are taking care to fertilize it and water it at least twice a day.  We also have a dinosaur and an army man guarding it from chipmunks.

The dinosaur on the left.  See the little tomatoes coming.
Dino up close

We do have laundry facilities of a sort for staff at the park.  However doing laundry in the hot weather is quite a task.  You see, the washer and the clothes line is up there.... 

Tomato plant in the foreground.  Path to the top.

And there are our clothes on the line. 
It's so warm, the clothes are practically dry by the time I get to the bottom of the path.

The name of this park is Monck but it has nothing to do with the hundreds of chipmunks in the park.  You see the difference in the spelling.  The park is named after the family who donated the property before WWII.  The family name was Goldman but the son was about to go to war and thought it would not be good going to war with a Jewish name so he used his mother's maiden name - Monck.

But there are a lot of chipmunks and squirrels here.  They are pretty tame too.

We have learned that when we are on our days off, like right now.  We bring the Park Host sign in.  Even when we show the "Off Duty" sign, campers knock on the door at all hours.

We are better than half way done here.  Soon we will be on the road again and not have to post such boring blogs.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great header photo.

We were in a county park in Oregon last year and the park hostess said the same thing about the off-duty sign. She took the sign in and did not answer the door. It drove her nuts.

Jim and Sandie said...

People always seem to think that a camp host is on duty 24/7. I think I'd be doing a lot of laundry by hand rather than climb the hill in the heat.

Wanderin' said...

Working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week definitely isn't something anyone wants to do. I love the warm summer days -- not the hot ones but the warm ones. I have a couple tomato plants too. The deer ate all but one of my lemon cucumbers.

Sue and Doug said...

happy belated birthday to Doug! Don't work too hard and be sure to enjoy the days off!!!

Linda Sand said...

Not boring!

I love tomatoes but I learned I can't have two cherry tomato plants. Ate until I got sick. :(

People only the read the part of the camp host sign they want to see, I guess. Good thinking to bring in it to protect your down time.

tdhomestead said...

Hi there... haven't had good internet access a lot of the time here in the Colorado mountains, but finally got to take a look at your blog this evening. Good to hear about things and catch up a bit. Hope it cools some for you soon! At nearly 9,000 feet it is not hot... sun is hot, but air is always cool in the shade. Keep in touch... hugs to you both! Look forward to being with you this winter! Dianne & Tom

Sue said...

Hope your weather has cooled off by now! It's hot even here on Newfoundland right now!