Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When the park gets as busy as it has been, we make a point to get out of it on our days off.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, we left early and returned late.

We made it two trips because our kids were vacationing at two places in different directions.
 We are in Merritt,  Jason and Michelle were near Kamloops and Niki and Mike and our daughter Gayle, from Montreal were in the Kelowna area.

Tuesday we were off to visit Doug's Mom in Salmon Arm, and then on the way back visited with Jason and Michelle and a huge portion of Michelle's family.
Jason and Sophie kayaking.  Sophie is 6!

Michelle and Jason

Granddaughter Sophie and Gramma's nanaimo bars.  Little boy, Dean is Sophie's 2nd cousin.
Jason and Michelle are staying at Michelle's father's friend's "cabin" at Paul Like near Kamloops.  Hah!  cabin, NOT.  Luxury on the lake.  Jason and Michelle recently purchased three inflatable kayaks.  Jason takes Sophie in the two seater.  She loves it.

Our daughter, Niki, her husband Mike and their kids, Nico (16) and Jakob (12) have our daughter Gayle and her daughter Wren (19 months) visiting from Montreal.  They are renting a "cabin" (well maybe a little closer to an actual "cabin") on Okanagan Lake, near Kelowna.

Nico, Jakob and Niki

Gayle and Wren.  Say "cheese" Wren!

Charlie conversing with Wren, or the other way around.
Our son-in-law Mike may be on holiday but he was on the phone to his business in Vancouver all day.  They have a very successful movie business and that's the best he can do.


Wanderin' said...

I certainly agree. You need to get away when you can otherwise you'd really be on a burn-out. It's nice to be able to spend some time with family. Your time is getting short there. Enjoy, relax and then RUN.

Jim and Sandie said...

If you didn't get away nobody would leave you alone, so you definitely did the right thing. So neat that you got to have all that family time.

where's weaver said...

Wow...looks like you two got your family fix. Priceless.

Linda Sand said...

With a park as busy as yours I'd think leaving for the day would be the only way to get a day off. Glad you had a couple of good ones.