Thursday, February 28, 2013


There are lots of birds in the Overton Wildlife Refuge.  They keep us entertained in the fields, on the ponds, in the sky and right outside our window.  From huge Turkey Vultures, Pelicans and Hawks, to ducks,  Canadian geese, and ravens right down to the clowns of the bird world, the quail.  Oh, did I mention swans.

The quail.  We feed them oatmeal.  They love it.


Some swans and some Canadian geese.

You have to look closely.  These are pelicans.  When they turn in the sky they nearly disappear.
The pelicans         


hobbea said...

Neat! I love to watch the birds. The pelicans are migrating towards Canada. We had a bunch at our lake in Alberta. It came as a surprise to me because I never thought they would go up that far north.

Wanderin' said...

Now I see why you have so many hunters up there. There are lots of targets for them. I love watching the birds and the ducks. I'm not into watching them get shot.

where's weaver said...

We always enjoy visiting the birding centers in RGV area.