Monday, January 28, 2013

QUARTZSITE - Part Two - Plomosa Road

Thursday we moved to the Plomosa Road area of Quartzsite.  At first there we just the two of us, Freddy and Delcie, Toni and Doug.
Friday the rains came.  We have never seen it hard so hard or for so long in Quartzsite.  The smell was not nice.  Smelled like when you pour water on an electric element.
Our back yard
 We understand that this rain will mean the desert will soon be alive with colour.  The barrel cactus thinks it's already time.

 Jeri and Terry and Roger and Lynn came Saturday.  Roger and Lynn left on Sunday :(.  Lee, Linda, Denise, Julie and Mike came yesterday.

Apparently the rain makes for very nice sunsets.

 because we had two in a row....
 And just before sunset isn't bad either....


Peter + Beatrix said...

T'was great meeting you guys again. We are now back at the Holtville Hot Springs, where I can't wait to jump into the pool.

Wanderin' said...

There certainly have been some pretty nice sunsets. I'm glad the rain is gone and just sunshine in the forecast.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I remember the year we were there and had a terrible rain. You will love the beauty in the desert. Enjoy your stay and good friends.

Jerry and Janice Hyder said...

Should make for pretty bloom this spring .