Friday, January 25, 2013


Our two weeks was up at the La Posa South area of the BLM in Quartzsite and it was time to move. 
January 2013_5377
The group finished the time with a Swap Meet table where everyone could take what they didn’t want or need anymore and trade it with something someone else didn’t want or need anymore.  We did okay.  Love my new table.  Thank you Diane and Tom.
January 2013_5317

Doug had a couple of carpentry jobs to do for our friends.  Denise needed a battery box built.
January 2013_5245January 2013_5320
Lee wanted shelves built in the back of his pick-up.  He said that there was “stuff” in there that he hadn’t seen in years and he would like easier access.  Doug’s the guy for the job!
We had a great campfire before we left.

Campfire at Quartzsite
Thursday after Doug had finished Lee’s shelves, we packed up, put on water and headed about 5 miles out of town to the Plomosa Road area of the BLM.  We were surprised to see almost as many rigs in this part of the desert as there were closer to town and it seems like there are more groups.  Several of our group will be joining us in a few days.  We have picked an area where we can all gather but have lots of room around us.  We are at the very edge of the BLM and it is quite a bit quieter.
January 2013_5371

Shortly after we got here, Freddy and Delcie arrived.  We had not seen them since last winter.  Welcome friends.
One of our group has been very sick.  Denise started out with a cold and ended up in hospital.  Her diagnosis is COPD.  She has to quit smoking for sure now.  She is out of hospital but very weak.  We are taking care of her and someone will be bringing her over here so that the group can help her out until she feels well enough to look after herself.
Denise has a Harley Davidson.  Thank goodness we have another “biker” couple with us because someone had to drive her motorcycle into its garage in Denise’s toy hauler.

January 2013_5326
Denise is watching as Mike and Julie load the Harley.
Late one night last week Doug saw what he thought was a very big campfire.  It was not!  This is every Rv’er nightmare.
Burnt RV
We haven’t heard anything about the owners.  We assume they got out okay.  We can almost bet the fire had something to do with a propane heater!


Linda Sand said...

I am pleased to report Denise is feeling so much better she might be able to drive her own rig for the big migration.

where's weaver said...

Love that little table. What a neat thing to trade.

So glad Doug was there to help everyone out.

I don't know Denise but please let her know I will keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

Sue and Doug said...

enjoy the new neighbourhood! Looks lovely!

Wanderin' said...

We should have moved out there yesterday morning because it wasn't raining then. We had to put all our stuff away in the rain and we'll have to set up in it too.

Sue said...

Its so nice to have friends around to help when you aren't feeling well! Glad you all were able to help Denise!

John and Nan said...

We were in Herb's Hardware and a guy in there that works both at L. South and L. West, the location of the fire.

It was one person, unregistered at that and he got out in one piece. He said his Coleman lantern exploded. It was his only source of heat. BLM is charging him for clean up and removal of the ruins. He had no insurance.

I found you, now can you find me???