Sunday, December 9, 2012

CASA GRANDE: and the group keeps growing

We arrived in Casa Grande a week ago.  We love it here and apparently so do our friends.

Site 8
 Jeri and Terry arrived on Thursday.  They will be heading to Washington for Christmas and we will dog-sit Duchess for them.  No problem with that dog.

Site 33 - The best site in the park.  (Apparently it comes with ghosts!)

 If you look closely in the next picture you will see Duchess.  Our lots are back to back so it will be a snap to look after the dog.

See Duchess?
Linda Sands arrived last night in the dark.  Lucky girl! A friend playing cards in the gatehouse took pity and parked her in boondocking.  A no no!

We know friends Terry and Edi are arriving mid week and we also know our French Canadian friend, Yvon, is heading this way.  Going to be a full house for Christmas but this is the place to be.  I am on the Christmas party committee - it's going to be fun.

What's not to like when every night we get one of these.



Jim and Sandie said...

Party Time!!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Glad Linda had a place to put her head last night.

Y'all will have a fabulous holiday. Enjoy!

Linda Sand said...

Nothing like me breaking two rules before getting officially parked today. I'm not sure you want to tell anyone you are Doug & Toni's friend if you arrive next. :)

Sue B said...

sounds like it is going to a great time!! Nice sunset pic!

Wanderin' said...

You know just about everyone! Hope we don't really meet that ghost. However, love the Arizona sunsets and your picture was amazing.