Sunday, November 25, 2012


For the past 4 hours, Doug and I have been watching a very strange phenomena.  

We are parked in the desert about a mile from Highway 8 west of Yuma.  We have a very clear view of a long stretch of the road.  Since about 10 am we have been counting rv’s on the highway traveling east. 
Unbelievable!  So we decided to do some math.  About 12 rv’s past by every minute on average.  That’s 720 an hour or 2,880 in the past 4 hours.

November 2012_4611
Now if you want to say “Girl, get a life!” you should know that I have knit a slipper and played a game of Scrabble so I am not just sitting here.

This is still going on as we speak.  I am starting to think that this is some strange joke and the traffic is on a track like a toy train set.  Either that or California has been evacuated and we just don’t know yet.

Motorhome, 5th wheel, 5th wheel, trailer, camper, motorhome, 5th wheel, car, C Class and on and on.  We have seen dozens of 5th wheels double towing and almost all of the motorhomes have huge trailers following.

Yes we know it is the end of a long weekend for some people but…..holy cow!


Linda Sand said...

maybe if you live in Arizona you go to California for holidays? Maybe they need to go to the ocean to be assured there is still water somewhere in this world? Or maybe there was a big show and now it's moving east? I could make up lots of stories about this migration. :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Amazing. You would think it is January already.

Sue B said...

interesting 'rv show' you are watching! Just be thankful you are not in the midst of all that traffic!!

Wanderin' said...

We've seen the migration south from "Q" to Yuma after the big tent shuts down. Who knows what was going on in California but I have to agree with you ... strange, strange, strange.

Judy and Emma said...

Is California finally falling off of the side of the country??

mskayndan said...

Did ya figure out what is going on? Haven't heard about an evacuation... could be? Probably all the California and Canadians going south like the geese! Maybe even going to Florida!

Bob said...

Seem curious that they're travelling East. Is there a gathering somewhere to the East that is drawing everyone like bees to pollen? Maybe a race of some sort? Did any of them look like competitors?