Thursday, October 4, 2012



Some of you have said that you enjoy looking at old pictures.  I do too.  It’s like getting to know someone better.  You weren’t there in there past but you can have a peek.


This was the first ever Teece family reunion.  Doug’s Dad is third from the left and his Mom is next to him.  Doug’s mother had eight siblings.  You can see the date on the bottom of the photo.  July 1957.  Doug was six at the time.



This is Doug, his brother David and their Mom on Doug’s horse Polly.  He is about ten in this picture.  Check out those socks, but hey David doesn’t have any.



Same horse, Doug, David and their Dad down on the farm.  It looks like David is now wearing Doug’s socks.


This photo was taken only weeks after I met Doug and the girls.  Gayle is up in the tree, Charlette is in the middle and Nicole is petting the dog – Snoopy.


This was most of the grandchildren at the family reunion in McBride, BC in August of 1985.  I was pregnant with Graeme.  Our kids are Jason (tallest one in the black t-shirt in the back row) Nicole (in red shorts in front) Gayle (in the middle sucking on a sucker) and Charlette (in jeans and a pink top).  The rest are all the cousins, now in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.


Left to right back- Doug’s cousin Robert, Doug, Bill’s wife Linda and brother Bill.  Front row – Solveig – Robert’s wife, ME, David’s wife Elizabeth and David.  Another family reunion – 1990


The children of those people above and their spouses.  Mike, Niki, Jeff, Nico, Aleece, dog Briggs, Loreena, Gayle, Graeme, cousin Marina, Samantha and Andrew.


Jason and Graeme at Jason’s wedding.  My handsome sons.


My beautiful daughters.  Charlette’s wedding.  Nico was three.  I made all of the dresses.  August 2000.

Dec 4 008

And the happily ever after couple – Christmas 2010 – Rovers’ Roost, Casa Grande, Arizona

Enough for now.  Thanks for looking.


Linda Sand said...

Another good batch. Loved the wedding dresses; I didn't know you sew as well as you cook.

where's weaver said...

Oh what fun. The the photo of the girls...especially the one up the tree...hehe

Wanderin' said...

Looking back at pictures keep our memories alive. What fun!