Saturday, September 29, 2012

Way Back When

When we went on the road more than three years ago Doug had two boxes of  “mementos”.  He culled them down to one.  The other day he started to sort that box out.  He has a lot of interesting stuff from his past as well as some of our history.

Recognize these people?  We hardly do.

Sept 275401

This was our wedding day – August 2nd, 1985.  The grand old lady is my grandmother.  The wedding was on our property. We set up a picket fence with flowers on it for an aisle, had a pot luck and built a platform for a dance floor.  To this day friends say it was the best wedding ever.   Simple and perfect.  I made all the dresses, my mother did the flowers, and we paid for boxes of wine.

Sept 275404

This is a hodgepodge of memories.  The card on the upper left is Doug’s Boy Scout card from 1960.  The card upper middle is a receipt from a rooming house he stayed at in Australia when he was 18.  The patches are academic awards from North Saanich High School on Vancouver Island.  The canoe he bought at a dime store when he was 10 years old.  The most prominent photo is of three of our daughters and our granddaughter who is now 15.  The scrapbook under it all is full of newspaper articles that tickled Doug’s fancy.


Sept 275402

This is the same granddaughter Nico at two years old, in our backyard with the dandelions.  We treasure this photo.  They grow up so fast.

Sept 275403

Same granddaughter at five years old.  Christmas at Great Gramma and Grampas house.  I made that stocking for her.  All the children, their spouses and the first grandchildren had them.  What I remember about this picture is that I braided Nico’s hair so tightly when it was wet so that she would have waves for Christmas day.  Even then she was so fashionable.

This is present day Nico.  So stylish.

Aug 305029


Expect more blogs on Doug’s box of stuff.


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a fun post. We are telling both our daughters that IF they get married, keep it simple. These weddings today are WAY out of hand.

Wanderin' said...

I agree with Marsha. Weddings do get out of control. It's an easy way to throw away $50K. I've been to a couple of those. Tammi chose to be married in our backyard around the pool. I was surprised but that's what she wanted. Needless to say, we were thrilled.

Jim and Sandie said...

Simple - definitely the best kind of wedding. Jim and I got married at our house. Only about eight people there. I made the cake and punch and that was it. It's fun to look back at those wonderful memories.

Linda Sand said...

I got a kick out of where your hand is in that wedding photo. :)

Sue and Doug said...

nice trip down memory lane!..and belated happy anniversary to you both!!

mskayndan said...

Dandy looking people! The best way to keep those memories fresh. I love pictures. I have a ton. Soon it will be time for bunches of new memories!