Friday, December 23, 2011

GETTNG IT DONE - Counting Down the Days

December 23rd, no more than 8 more days.

Daily we do things to enable us to return to the life we have chosen.  Today I filled up our Virgin Mobile air card.  We have purchased our Travel Health Insurance.  We have filled our prescription for blood pressure pills (funny, we probably don't need them on the road), we have arranged for the insurance on our truck.  We are being aware of what food we cannot bring across the border and eating it.

We have Google Mapped and discussed where and when.  Our friend Jeri is offering great advice and we are logging that in. We have bookmarked "Cheap Gas" and figured out our first few fill-up points.  We have discussed what quick food we should have on hand for the journey.

It seems like all we talk about is "when we leave....." "when we get back on the road...." "when we see our friends......."  Oh, that and CHRISTMAS which is upon us.


Wanderin' said...

We're checking the weather daily for our departure also. It seems to change daily from sun to clouds to rain to snow. Be careful on your trip and looking forwarding to meeting up with you again in Arizona.

Remember ... I have family on your route. Stay safe so I don't have to call them to rush to your rescue!

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Eight more days will be here before you know it! Wishing you two a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

~~Sue B~~ said...

soon you will be where you really want to be!!!..Merry Christmas to you both!!..have a great holiday weekend!!!

Sue said...

getting antsy? I enjoy the prepping part, but not as muh as the moving part!
hoping to catch up with you guys in Q!