Saturday, December 24, 2011

FAMILY CHRISTMAS - December 23rd

Sometimes the less planned, the more fun.

Yesterday was to be a dinner at daughter Nicole's for 7 family members.  It turned out to be dinner for 16 with 3 more in attendance on Skype.  And what fun we had.


When we realized the whole bunch were going to be coming, scrap the menu and start over.  Nicole ordered sushi and there were plenty of desserts.

Doug, Parker and I took a walk around Nicole and Mike's neighbourhood.  The area of East Vancouver where they live  has an annual display of Christmas lights.  It was quite beautiful.  The pictures don't turn out too well.

We had Gayle, Vahan and baby Wren on Skype.  Technology is amazing.  It was so cute when the little grandchildren at the house interacted with the baby and family in Montreal.  "Hi baby Wren" Sophie would say "Wanna say "hi" to baby Juliet?"  It was delightful.

We tried to get our family in Winnipeg on the computer but were unable to.  With Charlette, Glen, James, and William we now have 21 in our immediate family.  We have founded a tribe.

James and William in Winnipeg

Doug and I are always in awe when we look around the room and realize that in one way or another we are responsible for everyone of them.  Even the in-laws.  They wouldn't be part of the family if it weren't for us.  To see different groupings of sons-in-laws with sons, daughter with her sister-in-law, and our daughter's mother-in-law and brother-in-law all having fun together is priceless.
Ashleigh (other m-i-l in the background)

l to r - Chris, Jason, Sophie, Mike and Graeme

Nico and Juliet
Sophie and Juliet
Michelle and Charlie
The five grandchildren in attendance and the newest one on Skype are precious to us.  As they all are; children, in-laws, and grandchildren.  Oh, did I forget to mention Charlie - the goof.  Parker was there too.  Sorry no picture.


~~Sue B~~ said...

a day filled with family memories!!..what a treat!!..sometimes those impromptu parties are better than the ones that take tons of planning!!!..Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Sounds like a delightful time with family.
Sushi and there were plenty of desserts...count me in!
We are going to Skype Paul tomorrow when we open our gifts. What a great way to communicate!
Merry Christmas!

Striper said...

Ok, enough of that "Mushy" stuff, when you leaving the land of the Snow and Ice to head for the SUN and SAND?