Sunday, October 9, 2011


Last night we had dinner with our new friends Sue and Doug.  We met Sue and Doug through our friends Jim and Sandie.  But....Sandie and Jim have never met them.  It's all about blogging.  Sandie told me that she had been watching a blog "Big Dawg and Freeway" and that these people lived not far from our former place of residence where we summer.

So first Doug and Sue came to visit us at Monck Park.

Doug and Sue - our house September 2011

Last night we went to their house in Coquitlam.   Oddly enough, their condominium is across the street from where Doug's aunt used to live.

What a beautiful place they have.  Modern, perfectly decorated, warm and comfortable.   Sue and Doug are also warm and comfortable.  They will be full-timers in a couple of years and they are living for that dream, just as we did.

Doug and Sue and Tucker
Sue is a terrific hostess and a great cook.   Yes, Sandie, a rival for me when we all get on the road together.  Our Dougs really hit it off.

This is our dinner.  Caesar salad, yummy bread, lasagna and tuxedo cake.  We had a wonderful time and will do it again soon.

The dining room table.  I should have shot it from above.  Perfect.

Caesar salad (notice the cool red "charger".)

Lasagna (so delicious I almost forgot to take the picture)

Tuxedo cake (I loved the chocolate covered blueberries)
Sue and Doug will be a welcome addition to our rving family.  We love them and so will you.  X0X0X0


Sue and Doug said...

awww..thanks Toni!!..

Wanderin' said...

How fun to meet people that you keep up with their blogs. It's especially nice to have them close.

Kevin and Ruth said...

What a wonderful thing that the internet and blogger are. We have met some pretty great people this way. Glad you had such a good time and such a great meal.

Kevina and Ruth