Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We lived in the city for many years and yeah, we knew about the traffic and the general "busy ness" that city folks seem to accept.  But we just can't stand it.

This morning we planned to go into Vancouver to do some work at our daughter and son-in-laws house.  We waited until 8:30 am to leave to let the majority of the traffic die down. 

So here is a map of our inadequate freeway system.  (It is being completely overhauled and should be finished in 2013).

So you see the red line.  That's the freeway.  And our RV park is at the Milner exit.  And we have to go to Vancouver right before the bridge to North Vancouver.

Well after being on the freeway for 50 minutes, we got as far as the Walnut Grove exit.  And in our big truck, we had used about $10.00 worth of gas.  The anticipation of the return trip during rush hour (which starts about 2:30 pm and ends at about 6:30 pm) was too much.   We got off and came back.

We will make this trip on Saturday and then again on Sunday and if we have to finish up on Monday we will go about lunch time and come back after supper.

City living also bring with it NOISE.  Trains, planes and automobiles.  There are trains in the night with whistles that Doug calls Mad Cow whistles.   Dozens of jets zoom overhead all day long.  And the cars, intent on moving the other cars along more quickly by honking at them.  Screeching and speeding only to reach the next light seconds before the other cars.

But, for now, this is life.  It will only make us appreciate the slow pace of everyday life on the road, most of the time.


Wanderin' said...

You're right that is the city. I don't mind the noise but I certainly do mind all the traffic and people everywhere.

Jim and Sandie said...

I agree with Jeri - I can handle most of the noise but it's the traffic that does me in. And I know what you mean about the truck sucking up the fuel. We're trying to cut back also because of that motorhome. So when we get back to AJ, we will be sitting still quite a bit.

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

This sounds like a description of Houston. I know you love your kids but...The weekend sounds like a great alternative!

Sue and Doug said...

oh come on now's not that bad!..really?..we are so use to it most days we hardly notice..the weekend could be worse you know..
enjoy the quiet inside the trailer and try not to think about the big city!!

Striper said...

Hmmmm nice and quiet here where I,m sitting.....oh that's right I'm not in the City. :-)

Seriously though, take it easy an focus on getting back on the road.


Linda Sand said...

That's one of the reasons Dave likes being back home--he knows all the alternative routes he can take when traffic starts to get to him. In new places, especially when towing, you don't dare try some alternatives that might have worked well if you just knew them.

Kevin and Ruth said...

One of the reasons we left Ottawa. The traffic sucked big time. We now only go to the cities if we want to go sightseeing and then it is usually on public transportation.

Kevin and Ruth

Judy and Emma said...

Having spent the last four months just outside of Chicago, I too became very tired of the noise, traffic, and amount of people.