Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sunday Doug and I decided to go visit as much of the family as we could in just one day. We left the park at 7:00 am and returned at just before 11:00 pm.
I had to work the next morning at 8:00 am.

First we visited with Michelle, Jason and the girls and picked up Graeme.

It was nice to see that Jason and Michelle have been so welcoming to Graeme and his accommodations are great.

We bustled over to the nursing home for a short visit with my mother and my father. It was short because we were late getting there and she has a routine.

Then on to Niki and Mike's in the afternoon. Daughter Loreena was bringing our latest granddaughter, Juliet, for a visit. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and Juliet is beautiful.

We dropped Graeme back at his new digs and proceeded on to see our dear friends, Sreedevi and Anil.

Got back just before the gate closed. Tiring but fun.


Wanderin' said...

I agree. That was definitely a whirlwind trip. You did it all!! Next time you need to convince them to come and visit you!

Sue and Doug said...

amazing how many visits you can squeeze in when you are on a time schedule!!..good for you!..hope you weren't too tired for work today!!

Jim and Sandie said...

You guys really can move can't you. That is amazing how you got to see everybody and all in one day. Glad to hear Graeme is doing better.

where's weaver said...

I am sure everyone appreciated your visit. Amazing what we can squeeze into one day! Glad you got all the visiting in. Hope you have recovered!