Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CAR SHOW / RV SHOW - You'll See

Driving through Merritt the other day on the day to shopping, we noticed a car show with a difference. Here are some pictures.

Hey friends, what happened to blogspot. It's like we had backdate, not an update. I can upload one picture at a time and no videos. Url's are shown. Is this happening to all of you.


Jim and Sandie said...

Those are so cool. Love 'em. No problems with blogspot for me but I use Live Writer and upload from there.

Wanderin' said...

Love it! You need a little trailer behind your 5th wheel. Pretty cool

where's weaver said...

What a hoot those little campers are.
No problem so far with blogspot. Good luck with it!

Sue and Doug said...

no problem here either..nice car show..love when older model cars tow little trailers!!!