Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, well.  We have actually had some summer weather up here in British Columbia's Okanaghan.  I got my first sunburn of the year sitting out in front of the rig.  Nights are still cold, way colder than usual.  In past years though, we skip spring altogether and go straight to summer.  That would be okay with us.

Doug is working with David.  This week they are doing a sidewalk for a butcher shop and some windows in a house.  He is finding it quite exhausting but he enjoys working with his brother.  I do some housework in "the big house" and of course, lots of baking.

This weekend we have a total of four dogs at the house as we are looking after Andrew and Avee's dogs while they are in Mexico.  The purebred golden retriever female is not fixed so Parker has to be in while she is out.  Tomorrow Dave and Liz's grandsons, Maclean and Calum are coming for overnight.  So we have a full house.

One day last week a mouse visited us.  More specifically he visited our furnace.  Poor mousy (not!).  Poor furnace (yeah).  The mouse got into the fan part of the furnace, was chopped it three bits and made the fuse blow.  Not an expensive job, but time consuming.  The fuse is in the very back of the furnace.  All's well that ends well. (of course soon we won't need that furnace).

Doug fixing furnace, grrrrr!

We drove over to Salmon Arm last week to visit Doug's Mom.  She is hallucinating most of the time, poor woman.  We have arranged with her doctor to cut her medication.  They say the medication may prevent seizures from Parkinson's but the hallucinations are awful.  She has been seeing dead relatives and thinks that they are coming for her and she is so disappointed when they don't take her.  Seeing lots of other crazy stuff too.  We saw it first hand and believe me, it was very disturbing.

While visiting in Salmon Arm we also saw brother Bill's new house.  Wow, wow, wow!   Huge and huge!
One day this house will be the clubhouse for a fifty unit condominium complex.  Right now, it's their home.
The living room of Bill's house

Graeme came up for a visit on the Mother's Day weekend.  It was a good visit but saying Good Bye was tough.  He is much better and has been working with his brother Jason a bit.  That should be a good thing.  We're hoping anyhow.

Doug and Graeme on our mountain side deck.

The lake is beautiful sometime but the wind can come up very quickly.  Spring is here and the calves are here.  Soon the cowboys will separate cows and calves and send the cows up to the mountains. 

Glassy Nicola lake

One of hundreds of calves.  Strange markings, eh?
That's it for now.  Talk soon.  Love you all.


Sue and Doug said...

a mouse killing furnace? that is a first!..glad to hear that the weather is improving and that summer is on the way soon!!

where's weaver said...

So sorry to hear about Doug's mom. I hope they can regulate her meds.
You are right...that house looks HUGE!
Finally, glad the weather is finally turning nice. Hope the burn is better.

Linda said...

So your furnace has decided to be a better mousetrap, huh?
I keep reminding myself that your burns turn to tan so I don't need to be concerned for you.
My mother now thinks I'm her sister and that's hard enough to deal with but hallucinations...! I hope they can give your Mom relief from that.
The fact that you are getting summer before we are is proof that life is not fair. OK, maybe it is since you had to deal with more winter than we did. :)

Wanderin' said...

Oh ick to the mouse and the mess. Wow to to the fabulous view. Hope his mother gets regulated. That's a tough deal.