Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DOUG'S BIRTHDAY - No longer my Boy Toy

For 29 days every year I am older than Doug.  It was Doug's birthday on Monday.  It's pretty hard to have any kind of surprise for him but I did it.  With Dave and Liz's cooperation, we had a surprise dinner for him in "the big house".   Dave does most of the cooking and he cooked his baby brother some of his favourites, liver and onions and asparagus.  I never make those things for Doug because I don't like any of them.

Liver and onions!
Elizabeth brought home a Dairy Queen ice cream cake so I was happy too.
Birthday cake - 60 like me~
I think this is a great picture.  The cocker spaniel is Maxwell and the man is Doug's brother, David.  They have a beautiful house, don't they.

Max and David in the living room.  See the hot tub and Nicola Lake out the window.
Today we moved down the road about 3 hours to Doug's other brother, Bill's town, Salmon Arm.  Bill owns a shopping center in Salmon Arm and he encourages rv'ers to stay.  There is even a dump station.
We will be able to visit Doug's mother every day while we are here.
Our spot at Piccadilly Shopping Centre

Doug and Parker relaxing.  Beautiful day.


Wanderin' said...

Love liver and onions and even love asparagus!!

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Sue and Doug said...

from my Doug and me to your Doug!..happy birthday!!..enjoy your stay in Salmon Arm!!

Linda said...

For 6 months every year Dave is older than me. When we turn mile marker ages, I get to tease him for a short while. I loved the quarter century and half century marks. :)

where's weaver said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOUG! I LOVE liver and onions and asparagus. Next year, invite me!