Saturday, April 16, 2011


Tomorrow is my birthday and it will be a hectic day.  Our friends are coming for a visit in the morning and in the afternoon, the family is having a birthday party. 

Tomorrow I will be SIXTY.  How did that happen?  I certainly don't feel SIXTY.  Not most days anyhow.Throughout our lives we are asked "If you could be any age you wanted to be, what would it be?"  It certainly wouldn't be younger than 40.  Wouldn't want to go back to raising children and working.  So let's just say for now, 60 is fine. 

Monday morning we are pulling up stakes and heading north.   North to Merritt to spend some time with Doug's brother David and his wife Elizabeth.  They have a beautiful home in an incredible setting.  We can hook up to their electricity and we have hoses enough to run water up to the rig.

The view from our rig to the house

David and Elizabeth live about 20 minutes from town.  By choice they have no cable and no internet.  We are hoping that our aircard and our antenna get us something.  More importantly, as it is NHL Playoff time and our Vancouver Canucks finished the season in first place, we hope that we can get some radio reception.  (Vancouver is playing Chicago in the first round and have won the first two games!  Go Canucks Go!)

David and Doug work together well.  They have couple of construction jobs to do over the summer.  Elizabeth is part owner of the radio station and works full time.  So what am I going to do all day?  Well, good question.  Bake, clean, read, sit in the sun (if there's any).

Merritt is just 2 1/2 hours from Vancouver and Graeme can drive up and see us from time to time.  I think that our being close to him did him a lot of good but it's time for us to go.  He's good with that.

So if I don't post for awhile it's not that I don't have anything to say (you know me better), it's just that our internet is sporadic and weak.  I'll be think of y'all though.
View from the deck


Sue said...

Since I probably won't be online tomorrow, I'll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! now. Hope you have a great day.
I'm sure you'll find stuff to keep you busy!!

Sue and Doug said...

happy happy birthday to you!..hope you have a fabulous day..looks like a great place to park for a while!!!..enjoy!!!

Jim and Sandie said...

Happy Birthday - a day late but with no internet - I know you understand that one. 60 isn't so bad. In fact it's actually pretty good. So enjoy it.