Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today I was Sixty!

In the morning our friend Sreedevi and her husband Anil came by for tea and brought me a Body Shop gift card.  Sree and I are so much alike it's easy for her to buy for me.  I took the card this afternoon and spent it.
They had a big sale on so this is what I got for my $25.00 gift card.

Three body washes, a pump soap, a bar soap and a scrubby.

My father gave me a gift card to the Bay and they too had a big sale on and I managed to get a cute little yellow Cuisinart food processor.  My former one bit the dust about a month ago.

My children know me pretty well.  They all chipped in a bought me a Canucks jersey.  I love it.  I have it on now while we watch the game BUT if they lose (currently Chicago 1, Vancouver 0),  I won't be able to wear it again until the next round.  GO CANUCKS GO!

Wow, wow, I love it.

Ashleigh, Nico, birthday girl and Graeme

Sophie helps Gramma blow out the candles

Nico at 14

Grampa helps Sophie with her stickers.

Jakob and Sophie play video games

Nico, Graeme, Jason, Mike, Sophie, Doug, Dad and Ashleigh

Thanks for today Mike kisses

I had a great day.  My father actually came!  He is 80 years old and alone.  I think he really enjoyed seeing the family all together.  I felt very LOVED.

So now, we will move on for a while but we will be back.

Thanks Family for a great day!


Sue and Doug said...

happy happy 60th birthday..a day surrounded by your family! special!!

Linda said...

"Today I was Sixty!"

What do you plan to be tomorrow? :D

Jim and Sandie said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day. Sure didn't take you long to spend those gift cards. LOL Happy day.

where's weaver said...

Happy Birthday! Are you sure you are 60? You look pretty cool in your Vancouver jersey. Good color for you. Happy Easter also.