Friday, April 1, 2011


Last night our friend Sandi, who I worked with for 12 years had us over for dinner.  Also present were her boyfriend, Randy and our friends Sreedevi and Anil.  I worked with Sreedevi for only a year before I retired but her and I are kindred spirits. 
Randy, Doug, Anil and Sreedevi

Sreedevi's husband, Anil, has a very interesting job.  He buys horses in the states and ships them to India.  He travels a lot.  One time he shipped 50 horses on one plane.  That made the BBC News.

Randy, Sandi's boyfriend, is a horseman.  The little town we worked in has a huge harness racing facility and he races (and drives) his horses there.  Lately he has been winning a lot with a horse that he was given by another horseman (actually a horsewoman) for nothing.  She couldn't make Jemma, the horse, go.

Sandi recently sold her condominium and bought a mobile home in the park where Randy lives.  To Doug and I that is a strange arrangement but I haven't seen Sandi this happy since I have know her.  Whatever works!  They did a lot of work on the home.  It's quite beautiful and to us very large.

Doug and Sandi (from the living room to the kitchen)

Sandi made a wonderful meal.  She is a wonderful hostess and the company was wonderful too.  We plan to get together with all of them again before we leave.

                                                                  THANK YOU SANDI


Jim and Sandie said...

As long as someone is happy, the arrangements really don't matter, do they. Dinner looked wonderful.

Wanderin' said...

We learned last night that food was an important part of our diet. I bet you didn't know that either!! Have fun.

mskayndan said...

Yes food is important, and I proved that tonight too...we're in Willcox AZ and had a Brisket stuffed Baked Potato at a Box Car Diner! It was wonderful. Will get up and do it all over again tomorrow. 322 miles east. Looks like you had a great evening!

where's weaver said...

What an interesting career. All the way to India.

Dinner looked delicious!

Sreedevi said...

It was great getting together with you and Doug. You said it Sandi is a great hostess and seems really happy.Anil and I are lucky to have such great friends.