Monday, February 21, 2011

REENTRY- Easy Goes It - Vancouver February 20, 2011

Seattle Skyline
We were nearly our destination for the next few months and spoke about how not to get burned out like we did last year.  We were just inundated with visitors and invitations here, there and everywhere.  I have let our family and friends know that we are back but we are going to go easy on the social activities.

Graeme was here last night for a while and he is on his way as we speak to have dinner with us.  He is working very hard on his recovery and we can see a very big improvement.  He looks healthier than the last time we saw me.  He is able to discuss his problems and even listens to advise.  It is so obvious that he is glad to see us.  We will help in every way we can.  Hopefully things will be just about right with him when we have to leave again.  We cannot do this for him but just the fact that he knows there is a problem, is halfway to recovery.

So here we are in our non-descript little RV park which is adequate but the price is definitely right.  We have paid for the first month, $375 plus electricity.  Now that we are here, we realize that the park is "closed for the season".  The guy likes us.
This is where we are, just off the Trans Canada Hwy.

Livingstone RV park, Langley B. C.
The picture of the rig and truck are from last year.  Right now, it is SNOWING!   It has been snowing all day long, on and off, big flakes drops and thin icy ones.  We are quite certain that it is not going to stick but we are sure glad that we are warm and snug in our little house on wheels. 

This is what snow can look like (2007)
I will post a picture of the present snow later.  IF it amounts to anything.

As for my health, I have an appointment with our doctor on Wednesday and by then I will be off the medication.  It makes me light headed and a bit nauseous.   For some reason, I have none of my usual arthritic aches and pains but hey, one of the prescriptions is a steroid.


Jim and Sandie said...

So glad to hear about the good news on Graeme. That's a lot of improvement in a relatively short period of time. I sure hope you don't get hit with "SNOW" too hard. Stay warm and safe. Good idea to say "no" once in awhile. I'm ready to say "yes" again after being back here for several weeks.

Wanderin' said...

Glad you made it back safely and your son is doing well. I felt so cold looking at all that snow though.

Linda said...

Steroids are good. :) But, I'd rather see you healthy again.

"Not right now" is good, too. It can help you stay healthy. :) Focus on yourself and Graeme; the rest of them will still be there when you are both doing well.