Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A dreary, damp morning at the RV park
It occurred to us as we headed downtown Vancouver that we hadn't been in a stix and brixs since Winnipeg, more than 5 months ago.  We hadn't been to Niki and Mike's "new" house in the city.  They are still renovating and there is a lot to do.  To us, it seemed massive.

Huge dining room and kitchen

It was granddaughter Nico's 14th birthday.  We met them at their house after school, ordered pizza and had a fancy bakery cake.  Nico is so mature, it is hard to believe.  She was our first grandchild and holds a very special place in our heart.  She is an honor student and an accomplished ballerina.  We are going to be able to watch her in a competition in early April.

Nico and cake

Little brother Jakob is very into his video games and every once in a while offers some funny tidbit to the conversation.

Jakob is 9 yrs old

Graeme and Doug, horsing around.  Parker sulking away.
We brought Graeme along with us.  He enjoys his niece and nephew's company.  One day, he will be a great Dad.

Charlie, the Labradoodle

Came home afterward to watch our first Canuck game on television.  The Vancouver Canucks are in first place in whole league and Montreal is like last AND they are winning.  Not good.  But it's not half over yet.


Jim and Sandie said...

Great fun. Nico's beautiful. But who won the game?

Linda said...

It's good to be with family where you can see the love between members.

palamine said...

The Canadiens won!! Boo hiss, boo hiss!