Thursday, February 10, 2011

PARK SIERRA - The Most Beautiful Escapee Park

There is no doubt in our mind that Park Sierra, the Escapee Co-Op park north of Fresno, California is the most beautiful.  The park is huge and the lots are terraced.  The natural beauty has been preserved.  Most of the lots are view lots.

The Clubhouse is the large yellow building about the middle.  We are on Lot 535 which is in the small red loop at the very top of the map.  The lot we are on belongs to our dear friends Jenna and Bruce.
Lot holders here have made their lots their own.  There are gardens, terraces, and decks.  We have only been here in the spring and the flowers are just beginning to bloom and the trees are just beginning to bud out.

An example of the terraced lots

Lot 535 The Lairds' temporary home

The bark of the manzinita tree is wine coloured.

The park has lots of amenities.  The Clubhouse is 25,000 square feet and has a laundry, an exercise room, pool room, library, video library, craft room and a huge deck overlooking the park.

The Clubhouse from the Mezzanine, all decked out for Valentines' Day

Me in the Clubhouse

If there's food involved, everyone turns out.  This was a baked potato lunch at the Clubhouse

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Linda said...

We may be the only ones of our group that haven't been there yet. It's on my list, though.