Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Parker - pre-rving Parker - April 2009
As we travel through life, most of us have pets.  Most people that rv full-time have a pet along with them.   In our case, we have Parker along for the ride.  Parker had to make a huge adjustment to come along.  He had been an outside dog.  He lived in the yard.  He never went in the car, and he was rarely let in the house.  Now, there are days when it would be much simpler if we didn't have a dog but he brings so much joy to our lives.  He makes us laugh, he keeps us healthy because we have to walk him and one day he may protect us from harm.

We were both raised with pets and always had pets for our children as well.  They had dogs (never one at a time) cats (never one at a time), horses (yeah, more than one), goats, chickens, rabbits, and a duck.  All of our children have pets as well.

Graeme's three cats, Sam, Max and Solar

Niki, Mike, Nico and Jakob's dog Charlie

Jason, Michelle, Ashleigh and Sophie's dog Baxter (and Sophie)

Charlette, Glen, James and William's cat Bobcat

Gayle and Vahan's cats Salem (top) and Mars

Our daughter Loreena and her husband Chris have two Jack Russels - Daisy and Beano.  We don't have a picture perhaps because they are never still.

Coming on the road full time, we made lots of new friends and their friends, their pets.  Enjoy these.

Terry and Jeri's - Duchess

Janice and Jerry's - Chloe

Paul and Marsha's - Bella

Sandie and Jim's - Skittles and Skooter
Joe's dog Bandit

Sue and Paul's - Dozer

Freddy and Delcie's - Heidi
They are all characters - just like their traveling partners.


Wanderin' said...

I did read someplace about the percentage of RV'ers who did travel with pets of one kind or another. I don't remember the percentage but it was definitely the vast majority of them. Doesn't that make you wonder about the RV parks that indicate pets aren't allowed?

Cute blog.

pweaver said...

It amazes Marsha and I how many RVers have multiple three or four LARGE dogs. Guess that's why they make RV's with king size beds :=)

where's weaver said...

CUTE post. Thanks for including us. Love seeing all these great pics.

Jim and Sandie said...

Skittlez and Scooter says thanks for including them in this great post. We love all of our RVing friend's pets. Can't imagine life without them.