Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This was our cat Buzz before we left.  Buzz became our son Graeme's cat when we left.  Graeme was very attached to Buzz.   In July, when Graeme was having all sorts of problems, Buzz disappeared.  Graeme searched and searched for her.

Today, Graeme went three doors down the street to speak to his landlady and guess what!

                      BUZZ !

Unbelievable.  She was just down the street.  Skinnier but happy and healthy.  Has been there five months!!  The landlady knew that Graeme had lost his cat but had never met Buzz.  Graeme is going to let Buzz continue to live down the street as he now has two kittens and his roommate has another.

Sam, Solar and Max



Jim and Sandie said...

I love happy endings.

Wanderin' said...

Amazing! It would be interesting to know why she didn't put two and two together!!

Linda said...

I'm glad you learned the ending of the story. But who keeps a newly found cat when they know someone else who just lost one?!!!