Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Doug loves to take pictures of signs that tickle our fancy.  Some of you may not think these as funny as we do and sometimes it's an American/Canadian difference but enjoy.  We have collected these for a couple of years but most of them are recent.

Can you imagine dinnertime at the Graves' house.  "Look Doug no matter what you do when you grow up, it's probably not a good idea to be a preacher."

You would think the editor would see the final print before the paper was released, wouldn't you.

Hmmm, they can predict volcanoes now?

Now, I wonder what goes on in this outhouse!

The funny thing was that even though this bus sign was in "First Nations" language, check out above the window.

Chuck has a new job now??

Seriously, spelling!

 Check out the things this one service station offers.

Sheesh, which way?


Meredith said...

boiled Peanuts! At a service station. LOL

Wanderin' said...

Some signs really are funny. We get a kick out of them too.

Linda said...

Never buy lunch at a place that sells bait.